Interview: Ulrike Biets

Animals, weird places and cartoon like motifs often appear in Belgian photographer Ulrike Biets’ images. Currently living in Brussels, working as a freelance photographer for various magazines Ulrike, is constantly working on new personal projects. Her latest called PS is an ongoing project documenting peoples abandoned houses.

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interview: Todd Fisher

Looking at New York based photographer Todd Fisher’s images you’ll often find contradictory elements playing together. His photographs are dark and bright at the same time. They tell stories, but they hide most of the plot in a way that makes you want to continue the tale in your own direction.

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Brian and Elissa Train

Interview: Ed Templeton

In the mid 90’s Ed Templeton started documenting life around him. As a professional skateboarder Ed has been able to travel the world on skate tours, giving him the opportunity to photograph his vision of contemporary culture and life around him. Ed’s camera mainly points towards the people he encounters in his everyday life, seeking for truthful moments to capture.

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Interview: Morten Andersen

Morten Andersen is known for being a prolific bookmaker. His photos slowly grow on the viewer as time goes on.
Anderson’s austere documentation of life drags you into his seemingly timeless universe.

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Interview: Nick Haymes

English photographer Nick Haymes, who’s currently living in San Fransisco, lately published his 4th publication N.S.E.W. His images are like energy bombs splashing in colors. He’s mostly known for his series of Gabe Nevins, or his family photos in Zoloto.  Besides photographing his children, nick tend to photograph people who to stick out from the crowd. He likes to follow his subject for a longer period it allows him to gain their trust, which is clearly visible in his pictures. When he’s not photographing, Nick lives in his own photography-gallery and spends his time running Little Big Man Books. With other words, he’s a man dedicated to photography.

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From the sereis Haunts, 2006_00

Interview: JH Engstrom

An endless search for existential answers seems to be the driving force for JH Engstrom, who tend to spend years photographing on his projects. JH has developed a unique visual language often embracing technical imperfections in his images, yet it appears as Engstrom represents subject matters as he can relate to it. It’s been a few years since Engstroms last book was released but now he’s ready with two new releases in 2013

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Interview: Albert Elm

The Danish photographer Albert Elm, who is currently studying at the Glasgow School of Art, has spent the past 3 years photographing for his debut book, ’What Sort of life is this’. His images are based around his everyday life, and manage in a simple and captivating way to communicate the beauty in life that others might not notice. Although his snapshots are of real people and real moments, Albert succeeds in telling his own open fictional stories with his photographs.

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Skærmbillede 2012-08-21 kl. 18.01.42

Interview: Joe Skilton

Quirky capturings seem to define Scottish photographer Joe Skilton’s lustful photographs. Documenting his friends, himself and whatever is around him, Joe’s images turn out with a sort of easy and tender atmosphere. Earlier this year he published “Kids of the black hole” by himself and he has recently finished interning at Self Publish Be Happy.

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Interview: Kristian Sæderup

In 2009 Kristian Sæderup spent three and a half weeks portraying the English seaside town Blackpool. The result was a striking series of dreamy photos creating a feeling of a universe balancing between reality and fantasy. Blackpool’s surface is colourful, but beneath lies a darker side of the mysterious city. Kristians photos achieve to keep the viewer curious and indecisive of what to make of the place

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Interview: Josh Maupin

American photographer Josh Maupin has from a young age developed a need to document his surroundings. A lust for adventurer has led Josh in to different underground scenes pointing his camera towards often raw or disturbing motives. Having a progressive mind-set the Texas born photographer seems to know how to get the most out of his life, which clearly shows in his images. What characterizes his photography is the clash between these violent subjects photographed and his way of capturing them in a calm, controlled and stylish way, which creates an unusual form of aesthetics.

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Interview: Casper Balslev

On the 29th of August in the summer of 2005 New Orleans was hit by the hurricane Katrina. Killing more than 1800 people, Katrina was one of the deadliest and most destructivehurricanes in American history. Danish photographer Casper Balslev was still studying at the Danish School of Media and Journalism when he saw the disaster on television and decided to document it. Just one week after the catastrophe had hit the city, Casper arrived in New Orleans where he rented a car and spent just five days in the deserted and ruined city. Portraying it in an idyllic, twisted way, Balslev managed to disseminate the city with such significant closeness and atmosphere that the viewer can easily identify with the feeling of chaos and human despair, although no people actually occur in the photographs.

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Interview: Kristin Vicari

American Kristin Vicari has an extraordinary career going on as a young fashion photographer. Her first ever job, a campaign for Diesel, resulted in an immediate commercial breakthrough. Today, Kristin is living what appears to be a dream life, travelling all over the world to photograph for various clients. Besides her commissioned work, Kristin’s photography also has another more personal and intimate side to it. Documenting her everyday life in a less polished way, Vicari posts a lot on her blog that is worth seeing. These pictures are characterized by a certain warm and joyful feeling, where colours play a significant role, creating a playful and sometimes nostalgic atmosphere.

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Interview: Peter Kaaden

German photographer Peter Kaaden describes his photography as an honest documentation of his life and what is happening around him. His work is characterized by raw aesthetics, usually composed with bright colours, which also plays a significant role in his photos. At the moment Peter is living in New York and has a few interesting projects coming up.

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Interview: Johhnys Bird

Moni Haworth aka Johnnys Bird is an English photographer currently living in L.A. Her photography is known for its uncompromising raw, trashy and energetic, expressions, as she shoots stories of young boys and girls either in East London or downtown L.A. Her series are like small films with a beginning and end, in which the viewer is taken on an adventure of trouble and fun.

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The 15th of June MANDATORY will be publishing their first magazine. For those of you who don’t know about the project, MANDATORY is a Copenhagen based independent art publication focusing on sex and distorted culture. If you like Slutever, Richardson Mag or Baron Magazine or filth in general you will definitely enjoy MANDATORY as well. Withcontributing artists such as Sacha Maric, Mark McCoy, Simon B. Mørch, MissAsssnatch and Mikko Aspa, the first issue of MANDATORY presents a dominant realm reeking of destruction, violence, sex and decadence.

MANDATORY #1 is sized a3 and the expression and feel of each page is unique with a variety in both colour and paper material. It will be published worldwide. So far you’ll be able to buy it from U.S IMPORT in Copenhagen, or by contacting them at info@mandatorypublication.com

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